Training Program

This Institute conducts various National level and State level training programmes for different categories of Government and Non-Government personnel working in the field of Tribal Development.

The main emphasis of such training programmes is to acquaint the trainees with tribal life and culture, orient them how to put in social input in the development process and thereby making them technically fit for implementing development programmes in tribal and rural areas. A number of educational and career development programmes are conducted for ST & SC students and school and college teachers. Besides, awareness building on constitutional safeguards and protective legislation including development programmes and skill development programmes are also conducted for tribal youths, SHG members, elected people’s representatives and other grass-root level workers from time to time. In addition to that, workshops and seminars are also conducted on various issues relating to tribal development and the recommendations evolved in such programmes are sent to Government for consideration.

The trainees are provided with free accommodation in the Institute’s Hostel.

National and State Level Seminars, Workshops and Conferences

The Training Section also periodically organizes different National and State Level Seminars, Workshops and Conferences on issues relating to STs and SCs.




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