Publication of books, reports and journal is one of the important activities of the Institute for dissemination of information on various aspects of STs & SCs. Till the year 2016, it has published 101 books (excluding few books those are out of stock) comprising monographs and popular literature, development handbooks, photo handbooks, action plans, information brochures, book-lets and data sheet etc. on SCs and STs. These publications are based on research work undertaken by the Institute.

Besides, it publishes the Annual Reports and other reports of the Administrative Department, ITDAs and Micro Projects.

The Institute brings out regular issues of its half-yearly research journal, ADIVASI containing articles on various aspects of STs and SCs. Last year (2016) its 55th volume has been published.

The Institute also publishes a News Letter bi-annually speaking about various important activities and events.




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