Tribal Shrine Crafts

Sacred Arena of Spiritual World

All tribals seem to be craftsmen by nature and need. The skilled hands of tribal sculptors of Odisha, like, Bhumia, Bhottada, Dhurua, Kandha, Saora, Santal, etc. and Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups, namely Dongria Kandha, Juang, Lanjia Saora have contributed their precious lot for creation of the Shrine Crafts in the Museum. The open air sacred complex of the Museum has been gifted with the replicas of tribal Shrine Crafts and there are 14 such tribal deities enshrined. The display of Shrine Crafts spells tribal reliqion and rituals. All these reflect the tribals supernatural beliefs and their world of religion. The special appearance of Saora shrine crafts, like Mandua Sum, Jananglo Sum and Dongria Kandha, shrine crafts like Koteyuwali, Meriah post and Kodrumunda displayed on the open air platforms inside the Museum gives premise a divine touch.


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