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The state of Odisha is credited with the distinction of having the largest number of PVTGs among all the States and Union Territories of the Country.  To be specific, in India there are as many as 75 PVTGs, of them 13 PVTGs are found in Odisha namely, Bonda, Birhor, Chuktia Bhunjia, Didayi, Dongria Kandha, Hill Khadia, Juang, Kutia Kandha, Lanjia Saora, Lodha, Mankirdia, Paudi Bhuyan and Saora. They live in their remote mountainous habitats in a state of relative isolation - that has helped them to preserve their cultural identities manifested in their diverse languages, unique style of personal adornments, subsistence activities, magico-religious beliefs and practices, social organization and colourful folk traditions of arts, crafts, songs, dances and music.

Considering the rapidly changing scenario of the present times in which many ethnic groups are undergoing transformation towards modernity it was felt necessary to showcase the life and culture of the colourful Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups (PTGs), previously called as Primitive Tribal Groups of Odisha through replicas, documentary films and inter active kiosk in the newly built PVTG Gallery inside the campus.


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