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Hunting & Fishing Implements Weapons of Offence and Defence

Display Hall-Ill exhibits the Hunting & Fishing implements, Weapons of Offence and Defense of different tribes including the Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups (PTGs). It displays 169 hunting implements including bow and arrow, catapult, spear, axes, 48 different types of traps, 50 fishing implements including fishing traps, nets and fish carrying baskets, 53 weapons of offence and defense including sword, gun, knife, etc.

The exhibits include traditional hunting implements like Bow & Arrow of Bonda, 'Batibillu' of Kutia Kondh, ‘Unsuk’ of Bonda, ‘Ba lam’ of Oraon, ‘Meriah Kati’ of Kandha, ‘Simne’ of Dongria Kondh, ‘Mital’ of Juang, Chudia of Kisan and Haku Khencha of Santal, etc.


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